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Roaming through - Cincinnati

Changing on the streets is never an easy thing to do, but I think i've come quite good at it. Finding little hidden corners to change the look and be ready for the next shoot, wherever that may be. Behind every single one of my blogposts there's a story of how I stumbled upon the location. I never plan it out unless i'm traveling like the images below. I already had this vision of standing in front of the bridge, grass between my toes...sweating like crazy because it was 90 degrees out with about 100% humidity. I enjoy the spontaneous photoshoots the unplanned, the backdrops to me are everything. There's so much beauty to be seen and I just want to stand in front of all of it. Cincinnati blew my expectations out the window. I never really hear people in LA talk about it, unless they're from Ohio. I would come back here in a heartbeat. The amount of times we walked from our hotel to this bridge was just not enough. Also not pictured there were these swings to the right, loads of kids were on them but they overlook the bridge and are beautiful. Next time I'm here I'm so going on those swings around sunset. This town, this place, the people are everything. During this shoot this little toddler girl was doing summersaults in front of me it was so adorable and hilarious. She kept at it and I wanted to join her but while being in a skirt held me from it. I enjoyed throwing this look together specifically for this bridge. I hope you too enjoy it! More Cincinnati posts are coming real soon! 

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