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Leaving New York is like getting your heart broken all over again. I have this attachment to the city and I know my friends feel the same way. There's really something about this city that makes my heart ache for it. We flew a red eye from LA to JFK. Instantly after we arrived I felt at home. At home with the busy streets, the crowded subways, and the crisp air. I love how everyone walks at the speed of light and how everyone is on their way to something that seems supper important. We had an amazing experience, we met some incredibly awesome people, and this trip will always have a special place in my heart. From the conversations to being with my best friends, running around the city. I am completely obsessed with the beauty. I got to go to places that I didn't get a chance to go to when I was last here and there's always so much more to see. I'm forever grateful to get out and travel to my favorite places. Places i've always dreamt of seeing in person. That has become my reality and now i'm obsessed with jumping on planes and seeing the world and cities through my eyes. I can't wait to get back here again sometime soon!~ we also filmed a ton of our adventures so that'll be on youtube soon!


crescent-halter-zenith // 16th COLONY

ivory-choker-top // SEDONA EAST



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