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Through the Canyon

I think we all get a little excited going to places that we probably shouldn't be stepping foot on. There's just a certain beauty in going the road less traveled by. When no one is around and all you can hear is birds chirping in the trees, the soft click of the camera, and a few cars racing by. I've passed this location time and time again and finally just pulled over. It's broken down and a little scary but it makes it that much more exciting. Our average shooting time ranges from 5-10 minutes. We get the shots and go without leaving any trace of us even being there. I know we all get like that as humans, the excitement of being somewhere you shouldn't, the racing of your heart if someone spots you, the pretending you belong there in the first place. It's pure magic. 

What excites your soul? And do you do it often enough? I'd love to know!





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