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Accessories to me are just as important to an outfit well than the outfit. They go together so perfectly, and I love playing with hues. One of my favorite colors is blue and the other is yellow. I feel at ease wearing blue and I like when my accessories match with me. Wearing blue with the ocean makes me feel at ease with it. In tuned with my mind, body and spirit. You may say it's just a color but to me it isn't. Like so many things that inspire me colors do too. I came to love yellow because it not only makes me and others feel joyous it just has this extra something to it. This cuff though has all of my favorite things. Hand designed by the talented Linda Catherine of Rabbit and The Raven  and one of my favorite colors. I wanted to make it pop out and be the centerpiece of my look. 

So next time you're putting on an outfit look at the accessories you have. Maybe it's a cool ring that you want to stand out, or a necklace. It's just as important and makes the outfit and outfit. 

Beach Shack Cuff  by @rabbitandtheraven
The Boho Trader rings @thebohotrader
Moonstone Rings @moonstonemagic Two piece set @Shopgolddust


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