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Moonstone Magic

Happy Thursday you beautiful humans. Today's post is going to be all about magical moonstones well the company Moonstone Magic in particular. They have so many amazing rings and I quickly became obsessed. Obsessed with layering them on every finger and stacking them with other rings of mine. Now I can't imagine not wearing them. I am a huge fan of the moonstone it's one of my favorites next to turquoise. So I like to collect that stone and to have so many rings with that stone has become well, a dream! During this shoot it was fun playing with a certain crystal. The way the sun danced around through it and snuck it's light into the photo. It was our first time using it and we we're just figuring it out. We thought it would go perfectly with the whole ensemble. Meanwhile feeling like i'm on top of the world at this location, a little hidden gem up the coast. 

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