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A fun post for all those wild souls who are keen for details. Last night I attended an amazingly inspiring event that Dani of DAZEY LA hosted. Picture this: A room full of talented Girl Bosses. Some food by Cafe Gratitude, awesome jams, some jungle juice (twas so delicious) and up beat people gathered to support all these lovely ladies. With all the negativity in the world it's crucial to see positivity. People building each other up, girls not putting girls down but supporting them and rocking those small businesses. It was so inspiring because hearing the panel of women speak about their journeys, where they came from and how they started. It just reminded me why I started. It reminded me of those days waking up at 4am just to shoot at 6am so I could shoot before my full time job and then still head to work that same night on zero sleep. I did it repeatedly for quite some time and didn't stop. It reminded me that I never quit even if the journey has been a long ride of those wake up calls. I started blogging not for attention or to gain followers but, to inspire others. To wear things that excite me and hopefully inspire others to wear what they want. I want to spread positivity and I hope you get an idea of it through my work. Remember being different is a good thing, set yourself apart from others and always remember why you started. There's always going to be negativity but make sure you're there standing tall in the light and keep doing whatever it is that sets your soul on fire. 

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