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My lifestyle is all about wearing what I love, wither it's a dress or a cool flowy top and jeans. Hues of blue really inspire me! The sky on a clear day, a cool neon sign around midnight, turquoise and all the shades of blue. Wearing blue for me just feels natural. So when I teamed up with Wild Blue Denim on these two amazing outfits I wanted to style them with backdrops that suited them. The laid back jeans and top go together like no other! I think I wore this look two days in a row since it was so comfy. The jeans are so soft and fit perfectly to the outline of your body. I paired this look with a dainty necklace from Julz Junkie and roamed through a city i've never been: Ojai. Completed with some of my favorite girls, it was definitely a trip to remember! Secondly, for me I love wearing dresses to the beach. On that particular day the wind was insane, and definitely didn't want us frolicking all over the beach. As we stood our ground, got whipped in the face with not only our hair but harsh sand, we didn't let that stop us! That explains why my hair is all over the place and the waves are so gigantic. All in all there's just something about the flow of a blue dress amongst the blue water that excites me. Two looks brought together, how would you wear them?

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