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Cactus Escape

Currently sitting here on this rainy LA Monday, wishing the sun would push away the clouds and revive us. I absolutely adore the rain when I don't have anything to do, or anywhere to go (which is probably 5% of my life). I'm constantly on the go or when I'm not i'm editing and basically still on the go. The rain forces me to sit back and listen to it. So accompanied by a warm cup of hot chocolate, since i'm all out of coffee i'm sitting here looking at this sun filled day spent in Ojai, California. With a perfect dress to run in the sun with. Stumbling upon this amazing cactus garden it was a treat to run around in. Although it may sound cliche but never take those small moments for granted. The laughter spent with good company, the long talks and the screeching (top of the lungs) singing. What moments do you never want to forget? 




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