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All About the Hair

My hair routine is pretty simple on the daily. I shower, put some natural hair oil; occasionally add beach spray and that's about it. I hardly use heat products but when I do use them, I usually wave my hair. It's just become the most natural thing to me. Until recently I switched it up and got to try this amazing product by LVL HAIR.  I don't even remember the last time I actually straightened (let alone brushed) my hair so it was nice to do both with one product. The results too were softer and longer hair. Even days later my hair feels softer! I highly recommend trying this device,  because now I can't get enough and I'm sure if you tried it you won't get enough either! You can see the results below!

p.s. always remember to use a heat protector before you use any heat product, for healthy hair! 
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Photos by: @darkmintdaisy


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