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So if you guys don't know by now i'm all about movement. It's important to me that my clothes allow me to do that. From running around to dancing to frolicking on rooftops I just enjoy movement. I like when my movement is captured it creates an image that is really hard to duplicate. It also allows my viewers to see that you really could do anything in the clothes I wear. I think i've worn these LEE JEANS a few days in a row...and in a few days I mean like 4 but whose counting? They are so comfy and have a waist band that's so soft I feel like i'm wearing leggings. The stretch innovations help you MOVE. So get out there and MOVE YOUR LEE (JEANS). Also my outfits these days aren't complete without REEF  shoes. Not just because the comfort but honestly they go with everything! The cool thing is you could dress them up or down; from the city to the beaches I enjoy running around town or flipping them off on the sand. I think you would too! Shop the look below <3

F  E  A  T  U  R  E  D

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