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Hello lovely readers I hope you've been having a great week so far. If you haven't keep hanging in there, something amazing is right around the corner for you; I definitely believe that. I am if not obsessed madly in love with bomber jackets, different jackets and all around funky COLORFUL and fun jackets. The second I saw this one from PRESS I knew I had to have it. From the silky sleeves, to the color palette and glitter, yes glitter. It's been my latest go to since LA weather has been a little funky lately (DOOM +GLOOM) this jacket has been perfect. I paired it with some crochet, and colorful eyewear for a fun colorful look. I know i'll be wearing this jacket all the time it's a must-have piece and completes any look. So I call this particular look VIBES VIBES VIBES - and posted up in front of one of my favorite walls in Abbot Kinney blvd. It's one of the coolest little windows and never fails to disappoint. Shop the look below and be sure to follow my Instagram for more looks + behind the scenes adventures. @dancingwithflyingcolors xoxo


PHOTOS BY: @darkmintdaisy


  1. Hey fit woman, I love the vibe of your outfit as well as your blog! So boho chic. The crochet two piece looks so pretty and must be so comfy too, right? Keep doing you, lady! :D x


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