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Summertime Chills

I say yes, yes to new adventures. Yes to exploring the un-explored. Yes to relaxing in comfy jeans and shoes by the shore. If I could describe my perfect day it would include some of my girlfriends, a trip to the ocean, lots of snacks + COFFEE and possibly a picnic by the shore (yep, i'm cheesy and romantic even with my friends). AND of course swimming in the ocean. The more I think about perfect days the more I think they happen more often than not. The ones that are spontaneous and happen without a blink. Sometimes they just include the best friend and I doing what we love to do. Shooting, finding locations on the go because that's what we do. We don't plan or have everything mapped out. We jump in the car as early as we can (sometimes even before sunrise) and just go. Those days to me are always fun. So to you I say just go with it, have fun this Summer forget about the expectations, forget about what others are wearing, forget what others think about you and just trust your gut; trust your own style and wear whatever YOU like. Forget about perfect days because they'll happen when you least expect it with the ones you won't forget.

P.s. I think i've worn these shoes everyday this week. 





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