Friday, August 25, 2017

Where My Single Ladies At?


Let's just address the elephant in the room right? The thing that people don't really talk about much... they do however talk about how much they think "so and so is right for you" or "don't worry hun you'll find someone soon" as if you need someone to find. Like being single is some sort of flu and everyone around you is just waiting for you to get better. As a girl whose in her mid twenties, whose been single for quite sometime I just want to shed light on how important it is to be single. To find who you are without anyone else. I think it's important to shed light on LOVING YOURSELF first because, without that how are you supposed to love another? What we do far too often is hop from one relationship to another trying to find ourselves in them...and praying to God hopefully he's "the one". When in reality he's not even the slightest bit for you, but you try to validate and settle for less than you deserve. 

 So ask yourself this...have you ever been incredibly single; to where you're not thinking of anyone? No thoughts of whatever his or her name are lingering in that head of yours. I'm talking single. Have you even ever been that single? 

I have and it's definitely taught me a lot! I just want women and young girls to feel empowered. To not depend or feel the need to be completed by another; because girl you complete yourself! You do not need anyone to feel complete, remember that. For as long as I remember at a young age us girls are told to find Prince Charming and the second you do your life will magically be complete. Happily Ever After; The End. So if that doesn't happen we're some sort of least society makes us feel that way. God forbid if you're single lets find you a man REAL QUICK. I think that way of thinking is ridiculous. Where's the YOU NEED TO BE SINGLE TO FIGURE OUT WHAT YOU WANT LESSON? Many of us skip that lesson or aren't even aware it exists and that saddens me.  Or girls just stay in these horrible relationships because they rather be taken over single. The result can even go as far as ending up in an unhappy marriage. Raising kids and teaching them that "this is love" when you really are only staying together for them. That I know is a bit dramatic but it really isn't if you think about it. 

We get out of high school and we're already supposed to have a first love by then. We're considered weird if we haven't. Why is that? 

To share a little about my dating life: On dates guys are shocked to find out that i've never been in love. I've never said those four little words because they actually mean something to me. In a generation that says that word so many times it's become as useful as a hello or a goodbye. My favorite phrase though is "why is a girl like you single?" again this whole single thing comes off as a downer. Why is it viewed as such a negative thing to be single? To wait for something earth shattering, mind boggling, and life changing? Why should I waste my precious time on mediocre and most importantly waste another's time if I know they aren't exactly what I want? You know how people say "You know when you know?" It's the same when you know they aren't really what you want. I'm not saying don't date. YOU SHOULD DATE. You should go on as many dates as you want. Figure out what it is that excites you! Why settle? Oh is it because you feel lonely?  That's a load of crap and you know it. You my dear won't find love that way you'll find attention and seeking attention is like loading a gun. Its fun at first but that drawback stings and you'll end up broken. 

 If we were taught at a younger age that we are whole all by ourselves and shown how to love ourselves so fiercely I think the world would be a different place. I think it's SO important to teach and spread self love. To find what makes YOU happy. Every little thing. Work more on loving yourself. Whatever comes will come. Whoever wants to be in your life it will be VERY APPARENT; whoever is meant to leave WILL leave. So here's to you, my single ladies remember your worth a million bucks so stop letting them treat you like a penny. You are incredibly amazing! Just keep doing what makes you happy and enjoy the single times! 

Let's start changing the way we think about being single because it's not a horrible dreadful thing. It's an incredibly amazing thing to really know and love yourself!

XOXO, Ashley Prybycien



Thursday, August 10, 2017


I know i've been a little M.I.A lately but that's only because i've been busy traveling to the wonderful Chicago! I definitely have loads to share with you guys! First things first if you haven't been to Chicago you have to go sometime and visit some of these places there. We went to Chicago for Lollapalooza Music Festival but got there a day early so we had some free time to explore. We stayed   in Downtown so we were walkable to everything...or at least we walked everywhere (traffic is horrible in the city so we highly recommend getting that cardio in and walking). First things first we visited the Skydeck in the Willis Tower, it's such an incredible view of the city and you could step on out on the glass to get a whole new perspective of Chicago. It's one of the most incredible things completely left me breathless! It definitely gets supper packed and is a huge tourist spot so we went first thing in the morning, we got in and out very quickly. Next we went to a cute little coffee shop to catch up on our morning coffee. After that we made reservations at The Hampton Social for brunch and cocktails. By all means order the PINK DRINK, I don't even remember what was in it but it tasted like heaven and the color was so illuminating everyone ended up with one at one point or another. The food is also AMAZING as well as the cute rosé all day neon sign. Again this place also gets supper packed so definitely book a reservation and get there as early as they open for a good spot. After our bellies were full we then went to the aquarium! The aquarium here is so much fun we found ourselves at the Shark exhibit for a long period of time watching their fins sway is the most magical thing. Then came the most adorable birds Penguins! There was a particular penguin that stole the show, we watched him or her swim back and forth. The funny part was he (i'm just gonna call him he) made sure everyones eyes were on him at all times. It was rather adorable. After walking through all of the exhibits we found ourselves outside the aquarium watching the sunset beam off the water. Since we were only about a mile and a half away from our hotel we decided to walk. (Cathie and I do the most crazy things sometimes like deciding to walk back instead of catching a lyft). Did I mention we were so hungry?! Finally we ended the day with nachos and fried pickles. Such a weird combo but after walking all the way back we were beyond exhausted. This all happened the first day we were in the Windy City of Chicago. The next day Lollapalooza started and that my friends is a whole other blogpost! Needless to say Chicago was an amazing city to visit and I hope to be back eating nachos and lots of pizza....soon. Below are all of the photos from DAY 1 you can shop some of the looks below!


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