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WOW it's been quite sometime that i've posted a blog but i'm back in action and have loads of new stuff coming your way! First things first it's February aka for all of you in relationships it's the month of love. This whole blogpost came to me the other day and I thought it would be fun to inspire you with ideas all related to the big V-DAY. Wither you are single, married, or "It's complicated" I have ideas for you below! I'm all about inspiring women and young girls to be comfortable in their own skin because YOU ARE ALL AMAZING and if no one has told you today, I'm very proud of you.

First things first though, I want to talk about Valentine's Day for a second.

I have to say it's probably one of my least favorite days not because I haven't had a valentine since God knows when or that i'm always single on the forsaken day but I think it's utterly dumb. i've grown accustomed to being alone so trust me i'm not bitter about the whole love thing. I have a mindset of "whatever comes, comes and whatever leaves, leaves." Obviously it's not always that black and white but I try not to dwell on whats not meant for me. Back to V-DAY...  Even when i'm in a relationship to me Valentine's day is literally February 14th. Goodbye teddy bears, chocolates and expensive roses (I'm not a huge fan of chocolate anyways ***GASP). I much rather be surprised on a random day in march with handpicked flowers than get roses just because this day told you to get em.  I guess i've always been a hopeful romantic (yes hopeful). I'm all for the random surprises, the little things you know? I'm astounded when a guy remembers something I told them a month ago. The thoughtful dates are the ones i'll always remember because it shows they listen. Heck I even had a guy save me a parking spot since his street was incredibly hard to find parking (LA FOR YOU) and I will cherish that always. I also am one for taking someone i'm dating on spontaneous dates. Guys deserve to be wooed too ladies. When was the last time you took your guy on a date? Maybe switch it up this V-DAY since the whole world is going on dates, take your guy somewhere he likes instead.

(dating, or in a relationship)

This is just some advice from a romantic. Depending where you are or where you live this will change. I've always wanted to drive down PCH blasting some music, singing along or just talking through the red lights with someone special. Start driving before sunset and just drive all the way down until you hit deer creek. It's a small hidden beach if you've hit the campsite turn around you've gone too far. Pack up a little picnic basket if you aren't picky and he isn't either just throw some PB&J's in there also (make sure to bring wine cause more romantic) and red solo cups because whatever. Watch the sunset down on the beach, eat, have deep conversation and enjoy each others company. There's nothing more romantic than watching a beach sunset with some good company. It doesn't take much to think of a thoughtful fun date if you enjoy each other anywhere could be fun! Also ANYWHERE with a good view of the city you live in also a winner!

(single gals) 
Every Valentines day my best friend and I always go to this cafe called Aroma Coffee & Tea. I think we've done this for 3 years straight. We aren't those girls that always hop into relationships (sorry if you're one of them) we don't spend time with people unless we cherish the crap out of them. Really because we are busy in a good way. We work our asses off so the last thing we both want is to go on a date with a boring dude just because a stupid holiday told us were lonely. It's very rare for us to go on second dates and that's fine by me because have you seen the dating pool in LA? It may just be me but ladies have some standards. Hangout with your girlfriends or people that inspire you, that lift your soul and spirit. You know the ones, they just came to mind. Hangout with them, do something special for the ones you care about. MY FRIENDS ARE SERIOUSLY THE MOST SPECIAL HUMANS. I LOVE THEM ALL TO BITS. They fuel my fire everyday. They are the reason I continue to do what I love because they believe in me so dearly. Avoid going to the bar on this day because you don't want to pull a Kelly and Ryan from the office (he sleeps with her on February 13th and she basically thinks he's her boyfriend) DO NOT PULL A KELLY EVER. 
Blast some tunes, cook some pizza, play a game, have fun with the people you love. That's what I'll be doing. Use V-DAY as a positive day filled with love, laughter and forget about being alone because YOU ARE NOT ALONE, you're waiting for someone who matches your greatness and girl no matter how long that takes don't settle for anything less. You do not want a lukewarm love.

Remember this: 

Some QUOTES that I love that hopefully inspire you to LOVE YOURSELF: 
I've been reading SO many poetry books and in the works of writing my own. My favorite has been Whiskey words & a shovel (ALL 3 of them). I'm obsessed. If you want daily inspiration follow my pinterest board WRITE THESE DOWN.

Some Whiskey Wordplay
"so many men fear your strength 
and the fullness of the waves in your ocean 
so much they'd prefer puddles and that's fine"

I'm a sucker for a good love song. Sometimes I play them just to feel happy. I told you I love love, it's the hopeful romantic in me. I have a whole romance playlist on spotify but I wanted to compile a fun list wither you are in a relationship or not. These are my February jams that I can't get enough of **ON REPEAT EVERYDAY:

If you have made it through this whole blogpost THANK YOU. You may have just skimmed through but my goal is to always be an inspiration even if it's just one person feeling better or loved i'm happy with that. Be the reason someone smiles today and seriously no pressure on V-DAY treat it like any other day. Don't ever let it get you down girl because you are a thousand times enough! 


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