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Throwing Shade

Los Angeles, CA, USA

I have an unhealthy amount of pairs of eyewear. It's an addiction and I basically need every kind of shape or color possible. I love the affordable ones that I can just toss in my purse and not worry about. I can't tell you the amount of times i've owned expensive ray bans or other brands and broke them. Or can't seem to find them, somehow my ray bans just creeped into eye view right now (weird).  I hope i'm not the crazy one just going on and on about eyewear and if you're reading this you probably love them as much as me. Props to you! It's getting to the point where I have them hung on a wall string thingy and the string is no longer supporting my addiction. I also keep at least 3 different pairs in my car....  You know always gotta have a black pair that goes with everything, a fun vibrant one if i'm feeling frisky or red (cause duh). Told you it's quite unhealthy but I can't help it that i'm addicted. Below are 3 pairs from @sojosvision I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! I'll be wearing these babies all the time, they are feeding my obsession. No throwing shade here just SHADES and more of them please. 

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All photos by: @darkmintdaisy


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