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 First of all Happy New Year! 

It's somehow 2019 the last year we'll ever live in a TEEN year.....I haven't written a blogpost in quite some time and I'm so sorry i've neglected you guys! Last year I had so many incredible spontaneous trips that really caught me off guard therefore it was near to impossible for me to keep up with my blog...or really to stay inspired to keep up I wasn't feeling it. Which makes me sad because i've always used my blog as an outlet to inspire and write what's on my mind, so I promise no matter what gets thrown at me this year i'm going to speak my mind and give you loads of fun inspiration. Or so I hope anything I write inspires you a little. If i'm doing that with at least one of you then my day is made.

A look back on LAST YEAR..... and what I hope to achieve this year.

I want to talk about some things that I want to accomplish this year. Traveling has always been my number one goal no matter how broke I am (which wow last year I don't even know how I made rent each be honest.) But I got to go to three amazing countries i've never been to...Costa Rica, Italy, and Australia. Two states i've never been to Colorado and Utah. Going to be real with you guys after quitting a full time job and sticking with freelance for a year it's been overwhelmingly exhausting the amount of little jobs I do and put my all into each and every single one of them for little pay has been crazy....and my best friend and I live together and we both became freelance last year. So juggling rent and bills while being freelance and not having anyone to rely on but ourselves was a HUGE hurdle. To be honest though I wouldn't have it any other way. To say that we overcame it would be lying let's be honest we're still struggling but it's made last year interesting. Im so thankful that I got to see the world in the way I did last year and I hope to travel to even more places i've never been this year.
So TRAVELING is still a huge thing I need to do this year once you get the travel bug if i'm home for more than a month i'm like WHERE CAN I GO NEXT and HOW CAN I MAKE IT HAPPEN. I have a few places in mind but they're all just ideas at the moment. Canada, London, Hawaii back to Australia just to name a few. I believe in saying I WILL and I'm GOING to _______ this year and manifesting it so it'll happen instead of saying "I want." I can't tell you how many times i've actually done that and I end up somehow being able to go to the place. IT'S WEIRD. I'm telling you things are possible if you work your butt off every single day....make goals for yourself and don't expect anything to be handed to you.


One huge thing that I feel like I did a lot last year was compare myself to others. I KNOW I KNOW with Instagram it's impossible not to do that though and I force myself to not be on it as often but it's my job so what can I do. I also live in the most superficial place ever Los Angeles....This idea of "perfection" is so unhealthy it's disgusting i'm sick of it and I think a lot of people are getting sick of it too no one is perfect and you're never going to be perfect. Also everything you see online is a facade it's only 1% of that person, it's a highlight reel if you let it become who you are and not what you do then it's going to eat you alive.  So I'm starting this year off with a clean slate I'm gonna post what I want no matter how many likes it gets, because if I like it then that's good enough. We all need to make a change and just be happy with ourselves and be proud of every single persons path....we're all on different paths and once you realize that it's a breath of fresh air. We need to be kinder to each other ALWAYS and stop competing with each other. 

I want to always do better, be better, be kinder, be there for my friends, be supportive as fuck, and strive for my goals. I'll be starting every morning with a plan and if I knock out one or two or ten i'll know that I did something great that day. But let me tell you we all start off the year like this and don't hold ourselves accountable for these me I started off on the 1st hungover in bed it was disappointing but doesn't mean i'll be having a shitty year! Can only go up from here. 

So here's to MAKING things happen and not waiting for them to happen. Grabbing our plans and dreams by the hand and gliding them towards a certain direction. But remember plans change and so do dreams so take every opportunity that may stumble and knock on your door but also feel free to lock that door and never look back. 

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