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Traveling To London Changed My Life ❤️

I'm not kidding when I say...traveling to London changed my life as cliché as that sounds. Not only did I get to explore this rainy city with my best friend during Christmas time (well a little before and I'm talking right after Thanksgiving). I ended up meeting my boyfriend during one drunken pub crawl night...I read countless amounts of books that base their entire love story around London so getting to live out mine in real life sill feels unreal. Don't worry this blog is about the places I went, the things I did and the people I met along the way. 

Watch Day 1 of London on my TikTok - day in the life vlog - this will have more of an insight on everything we did :) 

@dancingwithflyingcolors Day one of London 🇬🇧💂🏽‍♀️💖 #ditl #londontiktok #travellondon2022 #thingstodoinlondon #coventgarden ♬ Lo-fi hip hop - NAO-K

Covent Garden 

This place has been high on my list, mainly because of the books I read...but I had to experience it and see what it was all about. I don't travel with a huge itinerary, my best friend and I have been traveling together since 2016 and have known each other forever so we're on the same wavelength when it comes to traveling. We love an experience, good food and well, drinking a yummy cocktail. We don't like planning every second of every day because we enjoy spontaneity and the freedom of stumbling upon a good pub or thing along the way. We woke up day 1, put the jet lag aside and looked up what area was walkable  from our hotel. Covent Garden just seemed like a good place to start the trip off with. We looked up some brunch spots and found Abuelo - an Australian coffee/brunch spot (we ate yummy toast, drank lattes and enjoyed the ladies indulging in their food next to us). With our tummies full of toast + coffee we walked over to the main Covent Garden area. Enjoyed art, Apple Market and gin drinks! The whole area was decked out in Christmas galore which made my heart so happy! There was a huge market with fun touristy sweaters, unique gifts and art from locals. 

Places we went near Covent Garden 

Sticks N Sushi - Highly recommend this sushi spot it was right across the street from Bullard's Gin which had a lovely free gin tasting! Make a reservation for the sushi + the free gin is for walk ins. 
Mr. Foggs was a cute pub that we got some pints at (I would go right when they open to experience this spot. (it's a very instagrammable spot so even if you don't go for a drink get a shot outside everyone was doing it.)
Punch and Judy was a quaint little spot with one of the best views of all of Covent Garden. We went during the world cup and watched some of the games from this rooftop it was so fun!  It was very packed though but not sure if it's from the game or since it's a popular tourist spot. During Christmas The hotel Henrietta had a popup bar called Miracle. We got really lucky with this spot since we were back at our hotel looking up places to eat for dinner + this gem of a place came up. We booked a reservation a few hours before we went. It was MY FAVE bar! 


Afternoon TEA at Sketch is a tourist MUST! Make a reservation well in advance. It was a whole experience from ballerina dancers to the egg bathroom stalls. They have all afternoon tea menus from vegan to dairy free to gluten free and more. We enjoyed the vegetarian menu it was DELICIOUS. We walked to Carnaby Street afterwards to walk around.  I was overwhelmed by all the shops they were all so PRECIOUS. We popped into a Shakespeare pub got gin & tonics then headed to another winter MUST see...Winter Wonderland. I could go on and on about this theme park. From the ice bar, to all the incredible rides I was obsessed. It was such a fun day! 


If you love Silverlake in Los Angeles...which I do, you'll love Shoreditch. Of course also had to live out my Taylor Swift "London boy" dreams and go to the places she sings about. My favorite had to be this area. It was an eclectic area which had the best food and bars. We bowled at All Star lanes, ate delicious pasta at Gloria's, had a cheap happy hour at Simmons while drinking alcohol out of a tea pot, mini golfed at BALLS, did karaoke and went on the best pub crawl (Shoreditch pub crawl). HIGHLY recommend if you want to meet friends!! I ended up meeting my boyfriend at the end of this pub crawl. 

Other places we went: 
We enjoyed a Holly Humberstone concert in Brixton. We did get lost taking the tube and ended up getting there with time to spare (enough time to eat). We enjoyed bottomless dinner at Cattivo  they had many vegetarian options, which was a plus! Bourough Market on a sunday! Talk about yummy food, gifts and all kinds of pastries. Granger and co (a little Australian restaurant near us that had the best chopped salad). Chinatown, the London bridge and I bought tickets to Kew Gardens but didn't end up making it. When we walked around Regent street it just wasn't my vibe.....but it was nice to walk around, we did that on our way to Buckingham Palace. We ate at Drunch in Mayfair, which was fun for the "I love you latte's. They're known for their 14k Gold latte. The wait wasn't really worth it but it was a nice experience. OF course we did way more but just watch my day in the life's on TikTok for more places we went! 


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